Congratulations to all the participants in this year’s HFS Science Fair! Thank you to the judges who gave of their time and expertise.

Here is the list of winners:


1st place: Olivia W. (3rd grade)

2nd place: Maggie B. and Tim G. (4th grade)

3rd place: Joseph A. (3rd grade)

Honorable Mention: Lily B. (4th grade)


1st place: Charlize M. (5th grade)

2nd place: Ryan P. (5th grade)

3rd: Gavin K.(6th grade)

Honorable Mention: Sienna S. and Dominic R. (6th grade)


1st place: Dylan K. and Sam H. (tied) (8th grace)

2nd place: Cassie B. (7th grade)

3rd place: Larah P. (8th grade)

Honorable Mention: Gabby P. (7th grade)