“Everything has suddenly changed. What we previously took

for granted seems to be uncertain: the way we relate with others

 at work, how we manage our emotions, study, recreation,

prayer, even the possibility of attending Mass…”

-Pope Francis

Strong in the Face of Tribulation:

A Sure Support in Time of Trial

Holy Family School has a tradition of academic excellence since 1974 when a group of families founded our inspiring learning institution. This year we rise to the challenge of supporting the academic and spiritual development of our students in both the face-to-face and distance learning modalities. Please read our Reopening Plan for more information on the layers of virus spread prevention that we will implement in our face-to-face modality. In the document attached, we outline what the distance learning will look like. 

Special thanks to all the teachers, parents and staff that are continuing to help build our plans together. Shout out to the The Andrew M. Greeley Center for Catholic Education for a framework to work through some of the big questions.