Fulcrum Tuition Assistance Grant Program (TAP) 

2021-2022 Academic Year

Dear Holy Family School Families, 

We are excited to offer you an opportunity to plan for your child’s Catholic school education in 2021-2022.  If you think that there is any possibility that you may qualify for a needs based grant, please consider applying for the Fulcrum Tuition Assistance Grant Program.   Fulcrum reviews all submissions, and then distributes funds to those most in need until funds are depleted.  To receive any tuition assistance or any discounts (including staff) for the next school year we require that you begin with Fulcrum first.  

Grant Amounts

For the 2021-2022 academic year grants for elementary students will be $1,300 and grants for high school students will be $1,450. 

Cost to Families

When you apply for the grant your family will pay a $29 fee to FACTS in order to process the request.   The $29 fee covers all applications for 1 year. Please note that Fulcrum will not be reimbursing application fees. 

How to Apply

Families apply online and submit necessary documentation to FACTS

•  Link to application: https://fulcrumfoundation.org/grants-and-programs/tuition-assistance 

• Most families will be asked to provide IRS tax documents and W-2’s directly to FACTS. Documents must be uploaded to the application.  Fax or hard copy mailings of documentation are no longer accepted by FACTS.  Special instructions are included in the application for those who do not have the requested documentation.  

*FACTS processes the applications and verifies financial information based on documentation provided and follows-up directly with families if there are questions about their application. 

Fulcrum Partnership with FACTS

Fulcrum partners with FACTS to manage the collection and processing of Fulcrum Tuition Assistance Grant Program (TAP) applications.  Award decisions are made by Fulcrum and are based on financial need. This partnership is necessary for the continued growth and success of the program.  Put simply, FACTS is able to efficiently collect and analyze the thousands of applications in more detail and much quicker than Fulcrum would ever be able to do on their own.  


*January 8, 2021 Application deadline for elementary and secondary schools 

Note:  Submitting the application online is just the first step.  All applicants must also provide supporting documentation, like tax forms and W-2’s.  Applications can only be verified and processed once the necessary documentation is received by FACTS.  It takes FACTS about 14 business days to process applications once paperwork is received, so the sooner it’s submitted, the better.  This is the deadline for both submitting the application and submitting documentation. 

  • February 10, 2021 Secondary determination letters mailed 
  • March 5, 2021 Elementary determination letters mailed

How Awards are Determined

Awards are made blind to everything except the applicant’s calculated financial need in relation to all other applicants. Fulcrum uses the FACTS Grant and Aid calculated financial need value, “Family Income After Core Expenses.” It is based on a formula FACTS created and Fulcrum modified slightly; it is based on the FAFSA, the Federal college financial aid application. Fulcrum ranks families on this calculated value and award grants in that order until funds are exhausted. 

This ranking is done separately for students in grades K-8 and students in grades 9-12. Approximately 2/3 of available funding is allocated to grants for students in grades K-8 and about 1/3 to grants for students in grades 9-12. Prior to ranking, applications are reviewed by Fulcrum and adjustments are made for change in income and extraordinary circumstances. 

Frequently Asked Questions

*Which families should apply for Fulcrum? 

Any family can apply for Fulcrum tuition assistance. There are no income or financial guidelines to help determine if a family should apply. 

*Is the FACTS application process secure? 

Yes, all documentation submitted to FACTS is imaged and then destroyed.  FACTS is SSAE16 audited, PCI DSS Level 1 validated and Red Flag ready. 

* Does FACTS require a Social Security number or credit check? 

Please contact a FACTS Customer Care Representative at 1.866.441.4637 with questions about Social Security numbers.  FACTS does not do a credit check as part of the application process.  

*  What if a family doesn’t file taxes? 

That’s OK, families are not disqualified from applying or receiving a grant if they don’t have tax documents.  The FACTS application contains options for applying without tax documentation.  If a family has questions about their particular situation call a FACTS Customer Care representative at 1.866.441.4637

*How do families submit their tax and W-2 documentation? 

Any documentation should be uploaded from a computer, tablet or smart phone.  Fax or hard copies of documentation are no longer accepted by FACTS. 

*Who can families contact if they have questions about the program or the applications? 

Questions about Fulcrum’s programs should be directed to Fulcrum’s Prgrams Directory, Susan Ocoma, at susan.ocoma@fulcrumfoundation.org or 206.748.7988 or Fulcrum’s Executive Assistant and Office Manager, Savannah Hawk, at fulcrumadmin@fulcrumfoundation.org or 206.219.5826.

Questions about the FACTS application should be directed to FACTS Customer Care at 

1.866.441.4637 or https://factsmge.com/.