Holy Family School Fundraising-Volunteer Commitment Hours

Holy Family School’s annual full time per pupil cost of providing a faith-filled, high quality education to each child is projected to be $7,600 for 2018-2019.  Thus, in order to help make up the difference between our tuition rates and the actual per pupil cost, each family is required  to participate in fundraising efforts and the family volunteer commitment hours requirement – or pay a fee in lieu of such participation.  Please note the following requirements.
Required Fundraising and Volunteerism Obligations:


Minimum $100 Value Procurement Item – Required – Pre-K (4’s) thru 8th Grade Families

$100 in Auction Pre-Sale Raffle Tickets – Encouraged – All Families

The school auction is our largest yearly parent facilitated fundraiser.  Each Pre-K-8th grade family will be required to procure one suitable item (no used items) with a $100 or greater value for the school auction.  Items are due in to the school by the 1st of the month of the auction.  Families may choose to ‘opt out’ of their Auction requirement by paying $100 directly to the school.  Note:  Families who have not procured a suitable $100+ auction item by the 1st of the month of the auction will automatically have their school account billed $100.

Auction Pre-Sale Raffle Tickets:  Each family will be signed out 10 designated auction pre-sale raffle tickets.  Families are encouraged to sell their allotment of auction raffle tickets.  Unsold raffle tickets must be accounted for and may be returned to the school office.  Unaccounted for raffle tickets will be billed to your family account.

Commitment Hours:    Preschool = 10 Hours,   Pre-Kindergarten = 20 Hours,   Kindergarten-8th = 30 Hours

Holy Family School recognizes and values the importance of working together with school families.  Each family is required to do volunteer commitment hours on behalf of the school, as represented by your child’s grade level (or oldest child if a family has multiple children enrolled).  Families are responsible for documenting their commitment hours (e.g. filling out the mini time sheets and turning them in to the main office).  Families with unfulfilled commitment hours as of June 01st will be charged $25 per hour not fulfilled.  Families may choose to ‘opt out’ of their Commitment Hours requirement by paying $275 (Preschool), $525 (Pre-Kindergarten), or $775 (Kinder-8th Grade) directly to the school.

Evergreens/Wreath Sales Event:  November – All HFS community members are encouraged to participate.

Note:  Families who wish to pay the full actual per pupil cost of education, $8,600, will be exempt from all fundraising and volunteer commitment hour obligations.