Brigidanne Brennan

Ms. Brigidanne Brennan teaches advanced math, is a 4th grade teacher's aide, and runs one of the extended care classrooms. She attended Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, Indiana where she earned her Bachelor's in Psychology with a minor in

Marissa Lee

Mrs. Marissa Lee graduated from Brigham Young University in Idaho with a degree in Music Education with an emphasis in Band. She did her student teaching in Idaho Falls, Idaho. There, she worked with and taught high school band and choir, middle

Kimberly Lewis

Mrs. Kimberly Lewis attended California State University, Fullerton where she earned her BA in Theatre, minoring in Christian Studies. She teaches our Preschool class in the mornings, and our Middle School Religion classes in the afternoons. In the

Bernadette Ordos

Ms. Bernadette Ordos attended Washington State University where she earned her BA in Humanities. Ms. Ordos is our Librarian and is one of our extended care teachers. She loves music, and if you come early to school you may even see her dancing