Mr. Shawn Krall has a BA in English/Education from Western Washington University. He teaches Middle School English and Social Studies.

I have been working at Holy Family for 23 years. I graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in English Education, in addition to endorsements in literature and reading. I am the middle school language arts teacher at Holy Family for grades 6-8. My focus in English is on grammar, sentence structure, paragraph development, and mechanics. My focus in literature is on vocabulary and reading comprehension. I love working at Holy Family due to the class sizes, polite students, and supportive parents.

In my personal life, I am interested in astronomy, football cards, and model railroading. At home my wife and I have 4 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 bird (a cockatiel). Emily and Wesley are my two children. Like her mom, Emily works as a registered nurse, and Wesley works in the concrete business

Mr. Shawn Krall