During Tuesday’s Parent Association meeting I was able to answer many questions about our reopening plan. If you were unable to attend, I’m working on a summary video and FAQs sheet that I will send out. 

One question that came up was about  the Distance Learning Option. Holy Family School is committed to providing excellent academic and spiritual learning opportunities in both face to face and virtual environment. You can choose to have your child participate in either one for the first semester or for the entire year.

– Face-to-Face Option: we understand that about 80% of our families are Essential Workers and need a safe place for their children even if schools are closed, so we have applied to be a licensed “School-Aged Childcare” Facility and  limited our class size to 10 in grades K-3 and 12 in grades 4-7 (the childcare ratio is 1:15 but we know that research suggests that 10 or 12 is a better size to limit virus spread). 

– Remote Option: we understand that there are some families, for various reasons including living with a vulnerable family member with underlying health conditions, that need to start the year virtually and will join the class every day during Math and English with a daily direct teacher check in for the semester or for the year.

For more information on the face-to-face option see our reopening plan here: HFS Reopening School Fall 2020 – Working Draft

The latest draft on the Distance Learning plans will be provided by Monday, August 17. Critical dialogue and feedback are so important as we work in the best interest of our children and the greater good of the community. Please communicate any ideas or concerns to us so we can work together and all “row in the same direction.” 

God, grant us serenity and peace during these uncertain times. May we always keep you as our focus!