Grade 1

Math:  Go Math- Addition and subtraction, one and two digit, measurement and geometry

Reading/L.A.:  HMH Trophies – Students learn to read and write short vowel words and sight vocabulary. Students build fluency and phonics skills       

Religion:  Sadlier We Believe

Handwriting:  A Reason for Handwriting

Social Studies:  Scholastic News

Science:  Scholastic Science Spin

Grade 2

Math:  Go Math – Addition and subtraction with regrouping, measurement, money, data and algebraic thinking

Reading/L.A.: HMH Trophies

Religion:  Sadlier We Believe

Handwriting: A Reason For Handwriting – cursive writing is introduced

Social Studies: Scholastic News

Science: Scholastic Science Spin

Grade 3

Math:  Go Math- emphasis on  Multiplication and Division facts and strategies

Reading/L.A.  NMH Trophies, study 4 main parts of speech, writing expository, narrative and opinion and descriptive writing. 

Handwriting:  A Reason For Handwriting – emphasis on cursive writing

Science – students move to the science lab with the science teacher