Samantha Thompson Principal

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Ms. Samantha Thompson earned her bachelor degree in Education from University of Montana

She has taught Kindergarten & 1st Grade, and is now our principal. She has worked at Holy Family School since 2014.

Virginia Baker Office Manager


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Mrs. Virginia Baker started working at Holy Family School while her two sons attended as students.

She met her husband in high school, and they are going on 40 years of marriage!

Mrs. Baker has worked at Holy Family School since 2004.

Mrs. Baker works as

  • The Front Office Manager
  • Event Coordinator
  • Tour Guide
Emily Cote Admissions Coordinator

#360-491-7060 ext 251

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Mrs. Emily Cote has one BA in Archaeology and one BA in Canadian-American Studies from Western Washington University. She has worked in childcare for 5 years, and has worked at Holy Family School since May of 2022.

Her husband works in the army as a medic. She has two cats at home named Marzipan and Pumpkin!

Mrs. Cote works as the

  • Admissions Coordinator
  • Social Media Manager
  • Substitute Teacher
  • Front Office Receptionist
Kimberly Lewis Preschool Teacher, Religion Teacher (Middle School)

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Mrs. Kimberly Lewis attended California State University, Fullerton where she earned her BA in Theatre, minoring in Christian Studies. She teaches our Preschool class in the mornings, and our Middle School Religion classes in the afternoons. In the evenings, Mrs. Lewis coaches Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit. She and her husband write music together, and her whole family loves to travel!

Mrs. Lewis has been teaching at Holy Family School since 2021, and has been a HFS parent since 2016.

Sarah Gregory

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Mrs. Sarah Gregory teaches our Pre-K class!

Mrs. Gregory has been teaching at Holy Family School since 2022.

Tiffany Williams Kindergarten Teacher

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Mrs. Tiffany Williams has her AA in Business Administration, her BA in Elementary Education, and is currently working on her MA as a Reading Specialist. She is currently one of our Kindergarten teachers. Mrs. Williams loves to go bowling!

Mrs. Williams has been teaching at Holy Family School since 2021.

Diana Hume Kindergarten Teacher

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Ms. Diana Hume earned her BA in Reading from St. Martin’s University, and her Library Science Certification from the University of Washington. Ms. Hume teaches Kindergarten. She has 3 cats, 1 dog, and can drive almost anything, including a log truck!

Ms. Hume has been working at Holy Family School since 2020.

Kristen Multanen 1st Grade Teacher

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Ms. Kristen Multanen earned her BA in Psychology at Grand Canyon University, and her teaching credential at San Diego State University. She is currently working on her MA in Curriculum and Instruction.

She has two French bulldogs at home, named Mack and Toshi, and a cat named Puuma.

Ms. Multanen has been teaching 1st grade at Holy Family School since 2022.

Ann Saunders 2nd Grade Teacher

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Ms. Ann Saunders teaches 2nd grade and works as the Liturgical Coordinator for the school. She earned her AA in Early Childhood Education from Mt. St. Mary’s, her BA in Education and Marketing from Central Washington University, and her Master’s in Education at Lewis & Clark College. Ms. Saunders has over 20 years of teaching experience. She has 7 beautiful grandchildren, and is active in four Liturgical ministries at Sacred Heart.

Ms. Saunders has been at Holy Family School since 2017!

Patricia Cash 3rd Grade Teacher

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Erikalyn Richie 4th Grade Teacher

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Melanie Carlos 5th Grade Teacher

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Ms. Melanie Carlos teaches 5th grade. She earned her Bachelors in Elementary Education at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. She currently is working on her Masters degree in Reading at Saint Martin’s University. She has taught Pre-K and 5th grade at HFS. She loves arts and crafts, travel, and the outdoors!

Ms. Carlos has taught at Holy Family School since 2021!

Shawn Krall Middle School Teacher, 6th Grade Homeroom

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Mr. Kevin Krall has a BA in English/Education from Western Washington University. He teaches Middle School English and Social Studies.

I have been working at Holy Family for 23 years. I graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in English Education, in addition to endorsements in literature and reading. I am the middle school language arts teacher at Holy Family for grades 6-8. My focus in English is on grammar, sentence structure, paragraph development, and mechanics. My focus in literature is on vocabulary and reading comprehension. I love working at Holy Family due to the class sizes, polite students, and supportive parents.

In my personal life, I am interested in astronomy, football cards, and model railroading. At home my wife and I have 4 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 bird (a cockatiel). Emily and Wesley are my two children. Like her mom, Emily works as a registered nurse, and Wesley works in the concrete business

Mr. Shawn Krall
Kevin Kealy Middle School Teacher, 8th Grade Homeroom

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Mr. Kevin Kealy earned his BA in Elementary Education from St. Martin’s University, his MA in Pastoral Studies from Seattle University, and his Principal Certification from St. Martin’s University. He has taught for 18+ years and was a principal for 2 years. At Holy Family School, Mr. Kealy teaches middle school math and science. He has 3 dogs, 10 chickens, and a turtle!

Mr. Kealy started working at HFS in 2022.

Marissa Lee Music & Band Teacher

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Mrs. Marissa Lee graduated from Brigham Young University in Idaho with a degree in Music Education with an emphasis in Band. She did her student teaching in Idaho Falls, Idaho. There, she worked with and taught high school band and choir, middle school advance, intermediate, and beginning bands, and sixth grade beginning band. After student teaching, she taught elementary music, choir, and musical theater for four years in Centralia, Washington. Her favorite color is purple!

Mrs. Lee has been teaching music and band at Holy Family School since 2019.

Amy Roznowski Art Teacher

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Ms. Amy Roznowski earned her BFA at San Francisco Art Institute, and are MA at the Royal College of Art in London. She is a Middle School teacher and an art teacher. She owns her own business, Wear Your Dreams Fine Art Jewelry!

Ms. Roznowski has been teaching at Holy Family School since 2022.

Bernadette Ordos Librarian

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Ms. Bernadette Ordos attended Washington State University where she earned her BA in Humanities. Ms. Ordos is our Librarian and is one of our extended care teachers. She loves music, and if you come early to school you may even see her dancing while waiting to check students into morning extended care.

Ms. Ordos has been at Holy Family School since 2016.

Jen Mauer Preschool Teacher, P.E. Teacher

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Mrs. Jen Mauer grew up in Lake Stevens, WA. She teaches P.E. for our kindergarten classes and helps teach in the Preschool classroom. Her two kids both attend(ed) Holy Family School, and she has been married to her husband for 16+ years. Mrs. Mauer has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2000, and she has two cats named Picard and Dottie.

Mrs. Mauer has been working at Holy Family School since 2016.

Sabara Oehlschlager-Browne P.E. Teacher

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Ms. Sabara Oehlschlager-Browne (or Ms. O.B. to our students) is a new addition to Holy Family this year. She attended Grand Canyon University and earned her bachelor’s degree in counseling. Ms. O.B. teaches P.E. for grades 1st-8th, and helps teach math as well. Some of her favorite things to do are photography and writing.

Brigidanne Brennan Math Teacher, Extended Care Teacher

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Ms. Brigidanne Brennan teaches advanced math, is a 4th grade teacher’s aide, and runs one of the extended care classrooms. She attended Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, Indiana where she earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Leadership. She has been to 47 states!

Ms. Brennan has been working at Holy Family School since 2019.

Rosie Short Finance Officer

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