Fall 2021 Officer Nominations now open through May 31, 2021. Nominate yourself or someone else HERE!

Our Mission Statement 

The Holy Family School Parent Association is a community united for the purpose of supporting Holy Family School through volunteering, family events, fundraising, and creating an inclusive and welcoming community.

Our 2020-2021 PA Officers:

President- Crystal Etcheto:     513-238-0343          hfspa@holyfamilylacey.com

Vice President- Jenn Reffner:     757-777-5006         soulsistaj@gmail.com

Secretary- Tracy Ball               

Treasurer- Diana Argeris             

Lower Grade Rep- Danielle Rymer         

Why attend our PA meetings?

Parent involvement is part of what makes Holy Family School such a special place for our children. By coming to the PA meetings, you will get to know more parents and be able to shape the future of our great school! Please join our efforts to build community and be a part of planning the outstanding social and extracurricular activities for our students.

Meeting Dates: Usually the first Monday or Tuesday of the month on Zoom

Next Meeting: Tuesday June 8th @ 6:00pm on Zoom- FALL 2021 ELECTIONS RESULTS WILL BE ANNOUNCED!
Meeting ID: 992 0099 6201
Passcode: 7Qk6ak

Note: Zoom has temporarily removed the call-in option from the basic plans due to high-demand. If this was your preferred way of joining the PA meetings, please try to use your computer or tablet to join us. We will post the minutes from each meeting to the HFS website within a week following the meeting.

February 2021 Meeting Minutes & Zoom Video: Click Here to Download

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