Math:  Number counting to 25 or higher, number identification, 1:1 correspondence

Reading Preparedness:  Identifying letters and sounds

Religion:  Jesus, Holy Family, Trinity, Sign of the Cross, Lent, Station of the Cross, Easter, Glory Be, Blessings before meals, Guardian Angel, and Hail Mary. 

Social Skills:  Learn to follow rules and be kind, listen, help, and share.

Science:  cleanliness, dental health, life cycle of plants, baby animals/bees, seasons of the year.


Math: Recognize and write numbers; Count by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s to 120; Add and subtract within 20.

Reading & Writing: Utilizing Zaner Bloser’s “Super Kids” program, students learn the alphabet and corresponding sounds, read and write basic sight words, phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary enrichment, and fluency practice. 

Religion:  Sadlier, “We Believe” – God made us and all of creation!

Kindergarten PE:  Focus on gross motor skills such as catching, throwing, and bouncing; Practicing good sportsmanship.