Math:  Number counting to 25 or higher, number identification, 1:1 correspondence

Reading Preparedness:  identifying letters and sounds

Religion:  Jesus, Holy Family, Trinity, Sign of the Cross, Lent, Station of the Cross, Easter, Glory Be, Blessings before meals, Guardian Angel, and Hail Mary. 

Social Skills:  learn to follow rules and be kind, listen, help and share.     Science:  cleanliness, dental health, life cycle of plants, baby animals/bees, seasons of the year.


Math: Go Math! Count and write numbers to 20, add and subtract

Reading/L.A.: Utilizing a variety of curriculum including Zaner Bloser “Super Kids” program and HMH Trophies, students learn the alphabet and corresponding sounds, read and write basic sight words, phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary enrichment and fluency practice. 

Religion:  Sadlier We Believe – God made us and all of creation!

Handwriting:  A Reason for Handwriting

Kindergarten PE:  Focus on basic skills, catching, throwing, bouncing, moving and good sportsmanship.