Some days everything almost seems normal, as we are currently in our 25th week of in-person classes, however, the pandemic is still raging on and our success lies in each family, staff member and volunteer.  Because we have maintained a level of commitment to the science behind preventing the spread of the virus: cohorts, hand washing, masks, physical distance, minimizing sharing materials, and quarantines to prevent possible spread after interacting with others without a mask or out of town travel, we have been able to thrive in the midst of challenges.

Last week, our governor made an emergency proclamation about the children and youth mental health crisis. Our children are not immune from the stresses of living in the midst of a pandemic, however, we know that besides having a strong loving family rooted in faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, there are resiliency strategies that we can practice. We know that keeping our mind, body and spirit healthy is a habit to be developed. We know that we have to take care of ourselves as adults in order to be able to fill up our children with love overflowing. We pray for every child and family during this trying time, that we can all be inspired with hope and love of God. 

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This weekend’s fun Children’s Mass Activities: